Friction linings are safety-relevant components. That’s why the quality of the raw materials and the constant, reproducible product specification play a major role, particularly with fibre products for friction linings. Not only do STW's high quality standards in fibre production benefit our customers, but most of all they benefit the end consumer.

Many major friction lining manufacturers around the world rely on our leading expertise in the fibre sector. For them, we develop fibre fillers, fibrids and pulp as well as short-cut fibres that correspond exactly to the requested requirement profile.

Application areas

Lead-Acid Batteries

The battery of a motor vehicle is a real powerhouse. It has to deliver very high currents in a short time so that the starter can powerfully crank the engine to start it – and this…

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Brake Pads, Friction Pads

Brakes are safety-relevant components of a vehicle. They must work reliably in all sorts of different conditions (heat, cold and wet). As well as these technical aspects, comfort and…

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