Polyactide acid fiber

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a polymer based on renewable raw materials such as corn or sugar cane and is biodegradable under certain conditions. Thanks to the continuous development of production processes and properties, PLA is one of the most widely used biopolymers. It belongs to the polyester group and has a wide range of applications due to its many positive properties. Compared to other synthetic polymers, PLA is characterized by its biodegradability under industrial composting conditions, which has also brought some applications for PLA fibres into focus.  In addition, polylactic acid fibers have low flammability and high UV stability, as well as mechanical properties that are comparable to fossil-based synthetic fibers.

Pros and cons
Polyactide acid fiber Properties


  • Manufactured from renewable raw materials
  • Biodegradable
  • High UV stability


  • Low heat deflection temperature
  • Lower alkali/hydrolysis stability than aromatic polyesters
  • Low temperature stability

Polyactide acid fiber
Manufacturing process

The basic material for the production of PLA is carbohydrates from plants such as maize or sugar cane. These are broken down into lactic acid through fermentation. For the subsequent polymerization reaction, the cyclic diesters of the lactic acid (lactide) are linked to form the desired polymer chains by means of anionic, tin-catalyzed ring-opening polymerization. Lactides can occur in different variants, so-called isomers. The respective proportion of the two isomers L-lactide and D-lactide has a significant influence on properties such as the melting point and crystallinity.

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technology and
quality of the fibre

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